Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Legal Management Systems: 2016 Business Intelligence Dashboard Updates

Rippe & Kingston designed the Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard to provide Firms with key stats at their fingertips!  

Over the years, the BI has been enhanced to further improve the accessibility and functionality within the module.  

Most recently, R&K added a few features to make the BI Dashboard even more convenient for users.  The enhancements include:

  • A Print Display Option
  • A Main Drill Down Menu
  • Additional (including User Defined) Drill Down and Reporting Level Options
If you haven't looked at the BI Dashboard lately (or at all), it might be time to see what it has to offer!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Legal Management Systems: Donations to Starfire

For the month of August, Rippe & Kingston employees donated over $250 to Starfire, an organization that helps individuals with disabilities thrive in their communities.

To learn more about this foundation, visit:

'Jeans for a Cause' Initiative: The Rippe & Kingston staff enjoy coming together to give back to the community.  Each month, donations are collected for a chosen foundation or cause suggested by the employees.  Those who participate can opt to wear jeans on Fridays. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Legal Management Systems: The Regional Legal Management Conference (West) Is Coming Up!

Rippe & Kingston plans to attend the Regional Legal Management Conference - West event in Phoenix next month!  Is it on your calendar yet?

Regional Legal Management Conference - West
 October 6-8
Sheraton Grand Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ 

Please stop by the R&K booth to say hello & learn more about LMS!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Legal Management Systems: R&K Visits the Georgia Aquarium

Last month, Atlanta's ALA Chapter hosted their big E2E: Where Education Meets Expertise event at the Georgia Aquarium.  

The venue was a big hit, and E2E was a success!   While enjoying the unique ambiance, administrators attended some great talks and learned about the various business partner technology available.

Check out a couple pics of the whales from the aquarium!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Legal Management Systems: Automatic Search for Synonyms in Conflict

When running conflicts, do you often enter varied spellings of names or abbreviations to make sure the check is comprehensive?

Rippe & Kingston found that it would be helpful for Conflict Searches to accommodate for the use of nicknames, abbreviations, or various spellings within narrative (i.e., synonyms). 

R&K created a way to provide users with an option to perform a search that encompasses all possible results without having to enter each possibility as criteria. For instance, users simply enter one name (e.g., Bill) and the system can search for the corresponding synonyms (e.g., Bill/William/Will/Billie/Willy). 

Most recently, R&K added a large database of synonym names to make it even more convenient for users!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Legal Management Systems: Profit Plan

Rippe & Kingston's LMS General Ledger System provides a vast array of reports, including various formats for Income Statements and Balance Sheets.  

Are you familiar with the Income Statement Profit Plan format?  Would it be helpful to view the Firm's income and expenses over a 12-month based period?

In LMS+, three Profit Plan reports are available for display (and exporting!):
  • All Budget: Month 1 – month 12 based on budgets (displaying the budgets for the entire year regardless if they’ve transpired or not)
  • Actual/Budget: Month 1 – month 12 actual amounts (including zeroes for the months that have not transpired yet). Each month, the actualized amount replaces the budgeted amount.
  • All Actual: Actual for the months that have transpired and budgets for the remaining months
Would any of the above views be beneficial to your Firm?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Legal Management Systems: A/R Reminder Statements on the Fly

Customized A/R Reminder Statements are often run periodically (e.g., monthly) to be mailed to all Clients for A/R follow up, and Rippe & Kingston has offered this functionality for several years via LMS Custom Reports (Sequel).

Did you know that R&K now offers access to a standard format of A/R Reminder Statements on the fly?  While they may vary slightly in appearance from your Firm's statements, the new availability might be just what you need for faster follow up on demand.

The standard statement is accessible via LMSV Billing and ARM!